YouView Australia is an independent film and television production company, working on its own projects but also able to provide services including camera services, coordination, location & artist management and more.


A new feature to be released in 2013, this film is set in 1970’s Adelaide, and follows the adventures of ‘Carl’, a teenaged runaway who finds himself on the street and into a mixed gay nightclub called “Catches” where he finds friendship and support in the most unlikely of places.

Shooters - Life Through the Lens

YouViewAustralia have produced an original series to be screened on 44 Digital from January, 2013. The show will take you behind the camera and give yoshooters
YouView Australia gives the audience chance to experience what it’s like to capture the vision we take for granted on our TV, cinema and computer screens. Part reality show, part variety and always entertaining - don’t miss “Shooters: Life Through the Lens”!